Large scale education centres need to have reliable, safe electrical work and state of the art technology to make sure students are getting the best experience they can. Westwide Electrical Services was chosen as a partner in the $20 million refurbishment work to Curtin University Building 501 which saw a total redevelopment of the building in 2014, bringing it up to modern standards almost 40 years after construction.

First the demolition phase of the project called for a complete strip out of existing services and fit out back to its bare bones before any upgrades could be made. The existing Data hub, which serviced more than 20 buildings on campus, had to be maintained and relocated in the process without any interruption of services.

At the same time all communications services passing through the building had to be rerouted and because these tied in to the wider systems at Curtin, uptime was a priority. The dated communications infrastructure was upgraded to Cat 6 and fibre optic technology, providing a sustainable solution with the latest systems. The classrooms were fitted out with state of the art audio visual equipment, and high speed wireless connectivity was made available to all areas.

Education projects like this one are an exciting challenge in terms of the electrical installation and maintenance, for the scale and intricacy of the required work as well as the need to minimise disruption to the wider campus. Westwide Electrical Services provide end-to-end expert services, from estimating and project management right through to installation, upgrades and maintenance. We focus on delivering high quality work safely, on time, and within budget because our clients want only the best work in their education facility.